Blinn College offers athletic scholarships in Athletic Training, Baseball, Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, Cheerleading, Dance Team, Football, Softball and Volleyball. Please contact the athletic trainer or respective head coach for scholarship requirements and/or tryout dates.

Their names, email addresses and telephone numbers are as follows:

Athletic Trainer -- Donna Jones 979-830-4175

Baseball -- Harvey McIntyre , 979-830-4278

Men's Basketball -- Scott Schumacher 979-830-4172

Women's Basketball -- Jeff Jenkins, 979-830-4173

Cheerleaders -- Sarah Barland, 979-830-4264 or 979-277-6570

Dance Team -- Sarah Barland, 979-830-4264

Football --Ronny Feldman 979-337-6704

Softball -- Rick Church, 979-830-4033

Volleyball -- Erin Mellinger, 979-830-4171