Buccaneers open Midland Tournament with sweep over Cisco, 3-0

MIDLAND, Texas - The Buccaneers picked up their second consecutive sweep of the season against Cisco College to open the Midland Tournament Friday afternoon in Midland.

Blinn was able to hold down Cisco by the score of 25-21, 25-13 and 25-22. The Buccaneers built on their success by closing out the day with a 3-1 victory over Midland College by the score of 25-21, 25-20, 22-25 and 25-21. The two victories increase Blinn’s record to 3-0 for the Buccaneers to remain undefeated this season.

Blinn 3 - Cisco 0

Blinn played close first and third sets against Cisco, but left the court with a 3-0 victory to open the Midland Tournament.

Blinn narrowly won the first set 25-21 before beating Cisco by 12 points for a 25-13 win in the second set. The Buccaneers held on to the momentum to pick up a 25-22 win in the third set for the sweep.

"I am proud of how well the Buccaneers worked together today," said Kalie Mader, Blinn head coach. "We identified some things we need to keep working on and hopefully tomorrow we continue to get better."

Paola Marie Salas Adorno led the Buccaneers with 13 kills, while Mikayla Adam added 12 kills, 11 digs and finished with three aces. Julia Fritz led Blinn with 16 digs and Kylee Kaaihue dished out 26 assists in the win.

Blinn 3 - Midland 1

Blinn took the first two sets over Midland before overcoming a dropped third set in order to clinch the four-set victory and close the Midland Tournament with an unblemished record.

Every set was close between Midland and Blinn with the Buccaneers never claiming a victory more than five points. The Buccaneers took the first two sets 25-21 and 25-20 before dropping their first set of the season in the third set, 25-22. Blinn bounced back in the fourth set with a 25-21 victory to finish the first day of the tournament undefeated.

Adorno led the Buccaneers with 14 kills and six blocks, while Amina Olajuwon added 10 kills. Fritz led Blinn with 20 digs, while Adam and Mallory Vargas each recorded 15. Kaaihue came up with 21 assists.

Blinn will finish off the Midland Tournament on Saturday, Aug. 26 with two more matches. The Buccaneers open the final day against Western Texas College at 10 a.m. and conclude the tournament against Laredo Community College at noon.

Blinn has competed in intercollegiate athletics since 1903 and captured 36 NJCAA national championships since 1987.